The case for caddies when golfing in Scotland

Why must you take a caddie when golfing in Scotland? The reason is simple: the experience is significantly enhanced by having a person with a Scottish accent walk you around courses that are twice as old as you are.

The man or woman carrying your bag will know more than you could ever read in books and will take the experience to a new level.

Cruden Bay, North Berwick, the Old Course, Turnberry or Western Gailes are not just names of courses to the knowledgeable caddie that has walked them hundreds of times with different people — they are the homes of great stories.

Perhaps more importantly, these caddies are great companions when the weather is horrible. Not only do they carry your wet, soggy bag, but they are there cheering you on as the rain is pelting and the wind is threatening to blow your hat away.

This was my experience in two days at North Berwick and Turnberry.

The weather was so bad on day one at North Berwick, I’m not sure why I started to begin with. The wind was blowing at a constant 30 mph, with gusts above 40 mph. Rain was coming down at a constant rate and keeping anything dry was impossible. Yet, I was bound and determined to play and so I did.  

My caddie at the time, Gordon, was incredible. He didn’t just make the round palatable, but enjoyable.

My friend had Graham, the husband of Scottish golf pro Catriona Matthew, who lives along the 18th fairway.

Both Gordon and Graham were worth far more than the £125 pounds they received for watching some bad golf and getting soaked in the process.

The weather at Turnberry wasn’t as bad, but talking with my caddie and walking one of the best golf courses in the United Kingdom in questionable weather was again another great experience — again, my caddie was well worth the fee.

Playing in Scotland is an experience, but playing in Scotland with the wind up and a little drizzle in the air is far beyond an experience, it makes for a round you will never forget.

When you traveling to any of the courses in Scotland, inquire about a caddie — it will be money well spent.