PGA escorted golf tours to Africa and beyond

Africa Golf Safari are proud to work with Jacques Gous, a South African-born PGA Professional who has established himself as a UK-based golf professional for more than two decades. With a profound passion for both golf and travel, Jacques loves touring the world with fellow golf enthusiasts, offering coaching amidst delightful new experiences. Over the course of his golfing globetrotting journey, Jacques has orchestrated more than 40 exceptional tours to a diverse array of destinations such as South Africa, Mauritius, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Brazil. 

Jacques is taking the following tours in 2024:

16 April:               Turkey                  8 days                   
07 May:               Greece                 8 days                   
21 Sep:                 Greece                 8 days                  
02 Oct:                 Mauritius             12 days                
09 Nov:                South Africa        11 days 

You can also pre-register for his Kenya Golf & Safari tour in 2025

These experiences cater to single golfers, couples, and groups of friends, extending a warm welcome to non-golfers who can anticipate an equally enchanting time. For those drawn to the idea of group travel infused with world-class golf, breathtaking locations, and the camaraderie of great people, Jacques invites you to join him on one of his unique tours.

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